i dont have a problem with antizionism

until it becomes antisemitic

and antizionism has an antisemitism problem

and its getting worse

its not “just a minority” its a fucking social staple

therefore i will slam this trend with the entirety of my being, not because i…




The abuse of disabled children is generally not looked on as ‘abuse’ but as ‘desperate parents.’

This includes the social workers who could revoke custody rights, the judges who give light sentences and the prosecutors who don’t push as hard as they can.


Anonymous asked:

At my job we have a staff bonding night. Things tend to get very personal seeing as these are usually people who have been friends for years. It's all supposed to be kept confidential, but one person said "I wish I had the willpower to be anorexic." As a recovering anorexic I found that offensive. Should I speak out about it?

lennydonttouchthat answered:

I don’t want to tell people to do anything they may not be comfortable with.

What they said is wrong, and gross, and I’m so sorry you had to hear that at a bonding event of all places.

I wouldn’t advise you to out yourself at a work event as someone who has or has had mental illness (since you can be discriminated against), but you can definitely tell them, “That’s awful, you really shouldn’t say that.”

If you find them doing it again, you could confront them privately. You don’t have to out yourself either, you can just say, “For some people it takes a lot of willpower to eat” and it doesn’t necessarily distinguish you.

It depends on whether you are more repulsed by the statement than you are uncomfortable confronting someone you’ll have to work with. (I assume you’ll have to see them again and I’m not entirely sure.)

I don’t want to tell you what you should or should not do - you should do whatever helps you feel safe at work.



UNRWA is the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees all over the Middle EAst. It’s short of resources under normal circumstances but right now it’s struggling to provide for the tens of thousands of people fleeing Israeli fire in Gaza right now. If you any ability to do so, please consider making a donation. If not, then please spread the word.